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Skeleton Of Utopia

This giant, bulky building is a place which often brings up negative connotations of the time when it was built. It is unfinished, actively neglected and uncared for, leaving it to become even uglier, respectively causing more hate and ignorance.

The aim of my project is to contribute to the closing of this vicious circle. One way to do this is to show the voice and identity of the building and embrace its character of a concrete structure - out there, not hiding behind any paint or layers. You either hate it or love it.

Turning it into an art gallery would be an appropriate use of the place since art and design are fields, highly dependant on subjectivity, just like this unique piece of architectural history.

I explored shapes, characteristic forms and structures as a source of inspiration for a new font. In that way I tried to represent the building not as a result of communist grandomania but as a part of something architecturally significant and appreciated worldwide - the movement of Brutalism.