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Rakia is a Bulgarian alcohol drink, usually produced at home or at local stills. It is made of fruits (plum, pear, peach, etc.) and sugar. It has a strong spirit taste and unique flavor that makes it a favorite drink of many.

I designed a newspaper that not only informs its readers about the drink, but also puts it into a social context, explaining the meaning of the process for Bulgarian people and culture:

“It is there, in an old grandad's copper kettle, on cracking firewood, surrounded by the sound of lively conversations and exhilaration, is where real rakia is born"

As the drink is mainly produced at home, I decided that creating a visual identity of it is something that will be both interesting and engaging. I also incorporated traditional patterns and elements of Bulgarian folklore costumes in its design.

I believe that fonts, the same way as drinks, have their home country. Therefore, I revived the typeface from a Bulgarian newspaper heading from the 1940 edition of "Народна отбрана" /National Defence/ and named after the drink

For more information about Rakia Font Family, follow the link.